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Are You Going to Money20/20 for the First Time? Read Our Tips How to Make the Most Out of This Event

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

We asked Tomas, co-founder of innovation studio Booster Labs, to share his experience from Money20/20. Tomas has had a chance to attend the conference twice in Europe and once in the United States and is heading back again to check out Money20/20 Asia and Europe in 2018.

What is the best thing about Money20/20 Europe?

All important people shaping financial world are at one place at the same time. It is amazing opportunity to network with senior people from banks or meet fresh fintech. In my opinion there are only a few truly relevant all-encompassing fintech conferences in Europe – Money 20/20 is definitely one of them and a place to be.

How do you prepare for the conference?

There is a mobile app where you can find agenda, all speakers and attendees and even PM someone. Set your goal for the conference beforehand and then research what sessions are relevant for you as there are several streams of content going on simultaneously and it’s easy to get lost in the content.

People are the greatest asset though - try to research who’s coming, connect and arrange meetings before the conference as that is where the value is. I usually start with my preparation one month before the conference.

Money20/20 in Copenhagen in 2017 (source facebook: http://bit.ly/2CRryDT)

(the second from the right is our Co-founder, Peter Gabriz)

Do you have any advice how to make the most of this networking opportunity?

Besides pre-arranged meetings, the best networking happens on parties. Every day there are networking drinks happening after agenda organized directly by Money20/20 team.

In addition, there is a lot of invite-only parties organized by attending companies happening after the day’s agenda is over – if possible, try to attend these to network in a smaller circle of people.

What about content, any suggestion how to make out the most of sessions and discussions?

If you are first comer, you will appreciate the amazing content and learn a lot. It is my impression people who come to Money20/20 regularly tend to come for cultivating meaningful relationships first and foremost.

I admit I tend to skip a lot of the panel discussions (besides a select few which are super relevant) and go either to big keynotes, where you can see people like big shot CEOs presenting or to the smallest stages with niche topics or startup pitching.

Stages are really close, so don’t need to worry if your preferred talks are happening on different stages, you will make it on time.

Money20/20 in Copenhagen in 2017 (source Facebook: http://bit.ly/2m8LQh5 )

Any other practical tips?

Don’t loose your badge. It is a key for entering everywhere and you will not be allowed in without it.

There is no official dress code, I would say 70% of attendees are dressed business casual, 20% are suited up and 10% are dressed in very informal way. If you decide to wear just jeans and shirt you will be fine.

Do you have any more tips to share? Money20/20 Europe is one of the key events happening in financial sector in Europe. Make the most out of the networking and enjoy the conference, because we promise it will be epic.

Do you want to meet with us? Let us know at innovate@theboosterlabs.com. Booster Labs is an innovation lab working in financial services on new product propositions with corporate partners. We are psyched to partner with Money20/20 Europe and Money20/20 Asia – use our discount codes below to claim your ticket.

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