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Hungarian FinTech Landscape

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

After publishing our updated Slovak FinTech landscape and a comparison of Slovak and Czech FinTech ecosystems earlier this year, we have taken a closer look at Hungarian FinTech scene. We are continuing our in-depth exploration of the fintech ecosystems in CEE and are excited to bring you a comprehensive look at Hungarian FinTech Landscape.

We have identified 48 companies that bring innovation and disruption to the Hungarian financial sector across multiple verticals, 17 of which managed to raise outside capital (source: Crunchbase). This landscape includes primarily Hungarian-founded companies that have a presence in Hungary and beyond.

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Category: Banking and Personal Finance Management

Bank Monitor

(no raised capital)

Bank monitor allows both retail and corporate consumers to compare products offered by different partner banks. The company's extensive database of financial products being offered by banks and comparison calculator helps in selecting the apt product as per consumer's needs.


(no raised capital)

Koin Finances is an online platform for personal financial management. Users can enter the expenses and income on the platform and can sort them into multiple categories. It enables budget management and provides reports and visual representations of the financial statistics of the user.

Family Finances

(raised 641k EUR in 4 rounds)

Family Finances offers youth-oriented personal finance solutions for banks. Provides products that offer a comprehensive solution for multiple banking functions, including savings, transactions, personal financial management.


(no raised capital)

Wyze is Hungary's first automated personal finance management app, that gives clients a better and more graphical overview of their finances than their normal banking account would.


(raised 200k EUR in 1 round)

Bankzee is a family banking solution and safe marketplace: to make family finances transparent, enable children to pioneer financial freedom, and develop financial literacy.


(no raised capital)

Money.hu is a complex comparison platform that allows its users to compare almost any financial product between most of the Hungarian financial institutions.

Category: Big Data/Analytics


(no raised capital)

The Cégjelző is a corporate information system, which sells databases on firms while working with complex monitoring methods.

Category: Blockchain

Smartologic Technologies

(no raised capital)

Smartologic Technologies offers technology consulting and product development in blockchain solutions. It also invests into other companies in the blockchain vertical.


(no raised capital)

MrCoin is Hungary's first cryptocurrency exchange, operating since 2014. Currently, you can trade over 420 types of cryptocurrency on their platform, without the need to register.


(raised 80k EUR in 1 round)

Shinrai provides a seamless way for financial institutions to integrate Bitcoin payments into their existing products. Shinrai also stands behind Hungary ́s first cryptocurrency exchange (MrCoin) and first local cryptocurrency ATMs, as well as being a founding member of Hungarian Bitcoin Association.

Rowan Hill

(no raised capital)

Rowan Hill is an IT consultancy which predominantly deals with solution implementation in digitalization, fintech/insurtech and blockchain technology.

Category: Crowdfunding

Capital Portal

(no raised capital)

Capital Portal (Toke Portál) is developing an equity-based crowdfunding platform. Companies can post their projects on the platform to raise funds. Investors invest in the projects in exchange for a share of the company.


(no raised capital)

Goood runs a platform that allows you to crowdfund with friends and family for a gift for someone else.

Category: Ecosystem Builders


(no raised capital)

OTP Lab is a fintech innovation hub run by OTP bank, that connects ambitious fintech entrepreneurs with incumbent industry experts. Startups such as Family Finances, Fintech Blocks or Staffino took part in the program.

MKB FinTech Lab

(no raised capital)

FinTech Lab is a leading Budapest-based banking innovation lab and startup investor founded by MKB Bank. FinTech Labs portfolio includes companies such as Livlia, Hypomo, Adriana Accounting or Blueopes.

Category: Enterprise Processes/Infrastructure


(undisclosed seed investment)

FintechBlocks provides a service platform that acts as an API marketplace for fintech companies. Instead of executing bank integration one by one, fintech companies can join all of the banks that use FintechBlocks at the same time using the platform.


(raised 600k EUR in two rounds)

Seon ́s platform helps to detect fraud and give their clients insights on their customers. Its products are currently being used across various industries, including banking, insurance or e-commerce.

Hydra AML

(no raised capital)

Hydra AML creates digital money marking and tracking technology, allowing to control the origin and destination of financial transactions and thus combating money laundering.


(no raised capital)

Aggreg8.io is a financial data aggregator service in the CEE region. Aggreg8.io provides APIs for financial data (banking, billing) with transparent & compliant solutions (under PSD2 and GDPR) and value-added intelligence services.


(no raised capital)

FaceKom is enterprise software that deals with Client Identification, Digital Signature and Call Center Functionality. Its clients include some of the major Hungarian banks


(no raised capital)

W.Up develops Sales.UP, an insight-driven sales and engagement tool, that helps banks understand and analyze banking data like card transactions and demographics, and non-traditional information such as customer location and digital behaviour, in order to develop deeper client insight and drive meaningful engagement.

Category: Insurtech


(no raised capital)

Cherrisk is a new insurance platform run by Uniqa, that allows for a completely online and mobile insurance experience for house, accident and travel insurance products.


(raised 226k EUR in 1 round)

Vern is a digital insurance agent that offers relevant coverage at the online points of sale. With Vern, online merchants can integrate insurance when it matters to their customers.

Category: Investing/Wealth Management


(raised 200k EUR in 1 round)

Blueopes is an automatized, white-label wealth management service for asset managers, using artificial intelligence to help them custom-tailor investment portfolios to their end-clients’ personal values, goals and risk profile on an individual stock level.


(no raised capital)

Brokerchooser helps independent investors and traders to find an online broker fitting to their needs. The platform compares both local and large international brokers in order to find the best match for their clients.


(raised 130k EUR in 2 rounds)

Fundastik is a broker-less, self-service, visual investment platform, that gives complete authority to small individual investors over their investment activity.


(no raised capital)

Develops cross-platform front-to mid-end software and mobile applications for wealth management and private banking clients.

Category: Lending


(raised 1,8M EUR in ICO)

InLock is a lending platform where users can take out fiat loans by using their cryptocurrencies as collateral.


(no raised capital)

PénTech is an invoice financing start-up enabling SMEs to increase their liquidity at the ease of clicking a button.

Category: Mortgages/Real Estate


(raised undisclosed seed capital)

Hypomo is a mortgage broker company that introduces technology and clarity into the mortgage industry, creating a mortgage experience that is fast, free, and straightforward. Unlike any other broker company, Hypomo ́s staff is rewarded based on client review and not based on which bank gives them the highest commission.


(raised undisclosed seed capital)

Livlia is an innovative, easy-to-use map-based real estate search engine.

Category: Payments


(raised 1,2 M EUR in Series A and an undisclosed amount in Series B)

Cellum is a mobile wallet provider, enabling banks, mobile operators, card scheme systems and other providers to offer mobile commerce services, including payments, couponing and loyalty schemes. Cellum solutions make transactions via smartphones easier and more secure and cover all areas of m-commerce.


(raised 2,5 M EUR in 3 rounds)

Barion develops a payment gateway and wallet, that competes directly with well-known solutions like Stripe or PayPal.


(no raised capital)

TransGate provides fast and secure payment gate predominantly for webshop owners, but also for nonprofits.


(no raised capital)

FestiPay provides integrated event management, which includes cashless payments, ticketing, accreditation and mobile applications.


(no raised capital)

B-payment provides POS terminals and online payment solutions for merchants.


(no raised capital)

SimpePay, run by OTP Mobil, provides versatile and customizable online credit card payment systems for online shops, striving to create a seamless and reliable online shopping experience.


(raised 1,4M EUR in 3 rounds)

Rollet (ex. Parkour) turns your car into a payment token via its visual identity to enable drive-through payments for parking, fueling, toll roads, and anything else.

Peak Financial Services

(no raised capital)

Peak established in 2014 was the first company to provide Hungarian Forint (HUF) based prepaid cards in the Central Eastern European region. Since the establishment of the company, Peak became one of CEE’s most successful fintech brands providing prepaid-based banking solutions in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Category: SME Services/Accounting

Taxnology Innovations

(raised 130k EUR in 3 rounds)

Taxnology Innovations provides cloud-based tax solution to businesses. It offers eVAT return solution, digital tax compliance and analysis tool.

Adriana Accounting

(no raised capital)

Adriana Accounting provides an automated bookkeeping solution to businesses. It pairs invoices with bank transactions, replaces manual data entry, automatically duplicates recurring items, and manages bank accounting.


(no raised capital)

Contoroll creates software that processes banking information and turns them into more accessible and easier-to-read reports.


(no raised capital)

Riport provides software that automatically generates management reports from accounting data, allowing for more effective communication with clients and accountants.


(no raised capital)

Számlázz is a web-based service that allows clients to create tax code compliant invoices and send them to business partners.


(raised 661k EUR in 3 rounds)

TrustChain aims to make trades and payments risk-free and cost effective by taking advantage of its future-proof user authentication systems and digital smart-contracts.


(raised 30k EUR in 1 round)

Salarify provides access to employees' real-time earnings on-demand through a mobile/web application. It operates in a B2B2C model, in which employers are offering the platform as an employee benefit.


(no raised capital)

Credit4Sales is the digital credit management solution of RiskCover Group. Provides a solution that helps to track and minimize risks originating from buyers by providing all the relevant information through easily accessible and always up to date complex tables and information sheets.

OTP eBiz

(no raised capital)

Is an account management tool by OTP bank for entrepreneurs. Its functionalities cover invoicing, account/transfer synchronization and business partner verification/information.

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