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Meet the (New) Players of Slovak Fintech Ecosystem in 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

One year ago, The Booster Labs prepared the first curated fintech landscape in Slovakia. Today we are publishing a 2019 update and we are excited to conclude that we identified 8 new fintech companies which are changing financial services in Slovakia and beyond.

The newly added companies range from crypto and blockchain ventures to new fintech venture capital investors and are highlighted in bold in the article below.

Did we miss any fintech startups or ecosystem players in Slovakia? Would you like to find out more about what’s happening in financial services and banking innovation? Don’t be shy and get in touch!

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Category: Merchant POS/ Loyalty


Papaya is cloud-based mobile POS solution designed for Android devices that helps small and mid-sized businesses improve their point-of-sale processes and grow their sales. Papaya´s intuitive solution enables their clients to serve their customers and process sales faster, control and plan their turnover, manage inventories and much more.


Payowallet connects merchants with their clients and promotes the creation of meaningful and mutually rewarding relationships. With their unique app and simple dashboard, they are enabling merchants to reach new clients and motivate them to keep returning. From the customer perspective, Payowallet is an app that consolidates all your reward stamp cards in one place and saves you money if you purchase products directly from the app.


Trifft is a loyalty-based start-up for restaurants, pubs and coffee places. It’s not only used for rewarding current customers, but also for attracting new customers. It does so by providing them with a 1st visit present. For loyal customers, who return, Trifft prepared monthly redeemable gifts and loyalty bonus, which customer earns by returning and spending money at the same places.

Category: Payments


TrustPay is among first financial institutions within the region to provide secure e-commerce payments across EEA area. Their principal membership with VISA Europe, MasterCard and Union Pay as well as PCI DSS Level 1 certification enables them to provide their clients with cross-border B2B payment services.


Besteron is a payment gateway that provides e-commerce businesses with all non-cash payment methods and allows them to receive money from transactions in real time in few minutes.


VIAMO simplifies banking transfers so that sending micropayments to your friends is as easy as texting them. Viamo is a simple mobile application that allows you to send money via your phone directly to Slovak telephone number.

By square

The PAY by square QR code allows you to quickly and accurately pay the invoice without having to rewrite the data. By placing an INVOICE by square QR code onto your invoice, you make paying the invoice quick and easy for your customers. INVOICE by square can store general invoice data, tax reconciliation and one billed item.


GexPay provides real-time payments infrastructure which enables peer-to-peer payments and other types of cashless payments at merchant locations.


Piano provides cloud-based software to help media companies grow their online revenues and manage user entitlements across platforms and channels. Piano is a SaaS e-commerce platform for selling content online. Using their platform, online publishers can rapidly implement the right paid content model for their content and audience, including subscriptions, pay-per-view, downloads, single-purchases, 24-hour day passes, etc.

Category: Big Data/Analytics


Limewood is an insurtech company, founded by experienced managers from IT and insurance sphere. It is developing big data analytical solutions allowing companies, particularly in insurance and banking, to monitor and analyse the behaviour of their distribution networks, identify lapse risk, and optimize the portfolio from the profitability perspective. Thanks to this, Limewood aims to help insurance companies prevent signing loss-making contracts.


Pygmalios is a technology company that provides customer experience analytics software and services for physical stores.


Datatree helps financial institutions to become what we all expect of them to be - a partner, that offers you the right solution at the right time. To help banks form such relationships, they deploy advanced predictive algorithms and extract a wealth of information form transactional data.


Knoyd offers customized data science solutions for businesses of any size or industry. It Is a consultancy that allows you and teaches you how to use your data in an efficient way. Knoyd wants to help companies to make the transition into the new and exciting Big Data age.

Category: Peer2Peer Lending


Peercredit is an online peer to peer lending platform, providing loans accessible to everyone. Thanks to their software, Peercredit manages to connect people who want to invest money with people who want to borrow.

Žltý melón

Žltý melón is a peer-to-peer lending service connecting people who need to borrow money with those who want to invest. Loans on Žltý melón are more accessible and investing is more profitable than with traditional banks.

Zinc Euro

Zinc Euro links those who want to invest and those who want to borrow. Zinc Euro is peer-to-peer lending website in Slovakia with a provision fund aimed at protecting investor’s funds.

Category: Enterprise Processes


Minit is a software that automatically analyzes processes and provides actionable visual insights for improving revenues, savings and efficiency. Minit enables auditors to directly analyze processes with all their variations and ensure that internal controls are working.


GoodAI is a general artificial intelligence research and development company applying its research in financial services among other verticals.


Dateio is a business intelligence company that provides businesses with a marketing solution to increase the loyalty of their customers by offering personalized marketing offers based on their card payment data.

Market Locator

Market Locator is the easiest way to do targeted mobile marketing and population analytics in the physical world. With their help, you can simply attract new customers with targeted geolocation SMS messages and understand where populations spend time and where you should open your new shop.

Category: Mortgage


Hypomo is a mortgage broker company that is transforming the very business model of brokers as you know it. By introducing technology and clarity into an industry that has none, they are creating a mortgage experience that is fast, free, and straightforward. Unlike any other broker company, their staff are rewarded based on customer satisfaction rather than commissions from mortgage. 

Category: Challenger Banking


365 bank is a mobile native bank for retail customers that will work with BigData to help its clients save more money and retain financial health. It is designed for mobile customer so we can expect seamless user experience when opening account online and using it in everyday life.

Category: Crowdinvesting/Crowdfunding


Crowdberry is a new way of connecting private capital with innovative companies. Crowdberry is an equity investing platform which basic essence is to connect a network of private investors with dynamic entrepreneurial ideas. The goal is to gather capital from various investors in exchange for equity stakes in the companies.


Hithit is a crowdfunding platform for creative ideas. It interconnects artist, creative workers, designers, developers, etc. with those who want to support them financially. Donors, on the other hand, are rewarded by various incentives for their contributions.


Finnest is the leading platform for investing in successful medium-sized companies. They do not fund startups or small projects, but exclusively established companies that are successful in the long run and generate millions of turnovers.

Category: Investing/Wealth Management


Vestberry is building fund management and reporting software for venture capital firms and their limited partners. Their solution brings high level of automation to VC workflow, reporting, communication with limited partners and provide advanced analytics to make better investment decisions. At Vestberry, they believe, that LPs & GPs need to evolve in their information management.

Rapid Data

They are creating solutions for wealth management. Reporting, portfolio optimization, simulations and stress testing in a single simple tool. Rapid Data is a partner in providing comprehensive client portfolio care.

Category: SME Services/Accounting


Archiles is a cloud-based automation platform providing the most advanced extraction technology and end-to-end cost-effective solution to tackle manual cumbersome work with accounting documents. Just upload your documents via browser, mobile application or send them by e-mail to Archiles, and it will return the extracted relevant data from the documents. Datamolino

Datamolino removes the pain of manual data entry for accountants, bookkeepers and SMEs. Their application automatically extracts key information from purchase and sales invoices, bills, and receipts, and pushes the data directly to Xero or Sage One accounting systems in minutes.


With miniFAKTÚRA you can issue invoices via your phone, tablet, or computer in a fast and easy way. MiniFaktúra is a simple and modern application thanks to which invoices are always in your pocket.


SuperFaktúra is an online application for entrepreneurs and small businesses to issue invoices and organize expenses, orders and get estimates about financial state of your business.


iDoklad is a simple tool for freelancers and small business owners to issue invoices and track the financial health of your company. It allows you to manage your documents or see data per client, per month or other way so you can make the best business decisions.

Category: Blockchain


Bethereum is an innovative social betting solution built on blockchain technology. Designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of unique features and improvements. Starting with sports betting, their vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and establish the Bether token as the betting market standard.


DECENT is a decentralized content distribution platform that is open-sourced and utilizes Blockchain to ensure trust and security. Their intention is to revolutionize data distribution on the Internet.


They were running altcoin mining pool which brought them a better knowledge about cryptocurrencies and wallet app. After a while of successful operation, they have decided to build their own services. They have multi-currency payment gateway supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.

Category: Ecosystem builder


365.fintech is an investment platform focused on providing financing and support early scale-up stage technology start-ups. Besides financing, 365.fintech is uniquely positioned to enable its portfolio companies to develop, test and pilot their products and services in a live regulated setting. 365.fintech helps startups to accelerate their market entry by preferential access and roll-out in banking environment. Moreover, we are glad to announce we started cooperation with 365.fintech and helped them to invest their resources into right fonds and companies.

Elevator Lab

Elevator Lab is a non-equity Fintech Partnership Program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International AG represented Tatra Banka in Slovakia. Its aim is supporting fintech startups to jointly develop scalable business cases and enable their international growth. Despite its small size, we are happy to see that there are active startups in financial sector in Slovakia. Booster Labs is an innovation lab focused on innovation in financial services in Europe. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at innovate@theboosterlabs.com.

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