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Business Designer Wanted. Are You Brave Enough to Join Us?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

In a Nutshell

Booster Labs is looking for exceptional teammates (both full-time and student/part-time) to join our team in Bratislava who love to craft digital customer-facing products and value propositions that solve real problems, make lives easier and have a tangible business impact for our partners.

In your past life, you may have been an entrepreneur, product manager, or consultant. In case of a part-timer/student, you know these areas attract you and you have in becoming a professional in one of those.

What We Do

Booster Labs is an innovation consultancy working with financial corporate partners on opportunity identification, customer validation and product concepts. We also act as a fintech startup studio, building startups and getting them to corporate distribution.

We work with smart people both from corporations and startups. You will be provided with opportunities to solve diverse, complex challenges for our partners or for our in-house projects.

Emerging business models are discussed on daily basis as we have test and learn mindset. We talk a lot, especially to target customers with an ambition to discover how might we solve their problems by designing the right value proposition. You get to work with thoughtful, intelligent individuals as your teammates, who love to grill on our terrace (that is by the way right in the centre of Bratislava).

Small team working on big things

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What You Might Find Yourself Doing If You Join us

As a Business Designers, we ensure that new concepts are viable. We work with the team to understand the client context, collect and interpret relevant data, develop insights, explore and define growth opportunities, define product value propositions, strategy and roadmap, communicate the vision, and ultimately help our clients get new offers to market.

In-depth research and data analysis

Every project starts with a deep understanding of the topic. You will google, read and analyze data with the goal to obtain actionable insights that will guide our way in the process of designing right value propositions.

Validation and customer insight

After having formed the initial hypothesis, it is time to go out there and talk to potential customers. We do in-depth interviews to figure out the real needs of potential customers, so we and our partners spend time (and money) on the right issues. You will finally understand how valuable it is to talk to your customers before clinging to one idea.

Design of product concepts and businesses

After we gather all data both from research and validation phase we deep dive into a phase of design where we typically create business & value proposition canvases, business cases and go to market strategies and. This is the part where new business is born. Exciting right? When we design a new product, service, or experience, we are simultaneously designing the broader business strategy and roadmap for future growth.

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Why Would We Like to Know You?

We are not strict about your seniority - you can be an intern, exceptional graduate or experienced professional (see open positions in the end). The below mentioned points serve as for what you should be striving for or in case you are a senior what you should already have mastered.

  • You love learning and feel comfortable with the unknown

  • You love to craft and build new businesses and figuring out how they will work in the marketplace

  • You have experience in some of these areas: market analysis and user research, business & financial modelling, product development and management, entrepreneurship & startups

  • You have a close-to-native fluency in spoken and written English

  • You are able to design beautiful and content-effective slides

  • You will work on understanding markets and opportunities, creating business models and predictions. For that, we use good old fashioned math and you should not be afraid of it!

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

  • You don't feel like working the standard 9-5 job and climb the corporate ladder

  • You have an easy-going personality and you are fun to be around

1st picture: Peter speaking during Panel Discussion together with Juraj Vaculik (Aeromobil) and Branislav Straka (COO CSOB)

How To Apply and What to Expect in the Process

Please apply to through the links below - our process is super simple:

1/ Submit your CV

2/ Prepare a short (take-home) case-study we will send over

3/ Meet us in person over a coffee

We are currently looking for:

Business Designer (full-time) Link to apply: https://inhiro.com/job/id/10247

Business Design Support (internship) Link to apply: https://inhiro.com/job/id/12354

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